10: Solemn oath

Pov: Andre

I realized my predicament immediately, after Bianca slipped her silly soft arms around my neck, her honeycomb scent bursting in my nostrils.

"Let me guess," she said, after I just stood there, motionless in front of her like a sack of nothing. "You don't know how to dance."

I didn't bother to grace her with a response. All my time was spent learning the family trade when I was little. Learning how to run, fight, break bones, set them back, torture, maim and kill. I had no time to learn useless things like dancing.

Her hands slid down my arm, frying my thinking process. Her red lips parted into a beautiful smile, glittering white teeth peeking out, lush green eyes piercing into mine, and then she took my hands in hers and placed them on her tiny waist.

This close to her and so far from lust, I could appreciate her lithe, slender form more reverently. Her waist was so small that both my hands spanned nearly halfway across her sides.

She leaned into me, so close than was deeme
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