91: We're here

Pov: Andre

My living room is one of the biggest and most lavish in Chicago, yet it felt small and cramped as the respective mafia bosses I called my allies gathered there, armed to the teeth, their expressions lethal and serious.

The entire energy seemed to cackle with the electric force each of us exuded and I had never been more grateful to be part of this alliance.

Leon worked on passing around the guns and weapons, with earpiece devices that doubled as a microphone so that we could communicate when we seperated into our different rides.

Bianca was perched on the armrest of a couch, chewing her lip pensively, her bright green eyes were worried as they found mine.

I tucked my Glock I had been double checking into my pants hostler and walked over to her, her gaze beckoning me.

She rose to her feet immediately, her lip trembling.

I took her chin in my thumb and forefinger, stroking her jaw. "Tesoro," I whispered. "If I don't come back–"

She shook her head, a stubborn glint in her br
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