92: merciless

Pov: Andre

I grabbed strapped on my armoured vest and double checked my weapons.

Roma voice suddenly blared through the receiver. "Incoming, in three, two..."

I turned to see the mad man standing up in his jeep, his upper body poking through the space in the roof, a rocket launcher balanced on his shoulder.

He grinned hard and wide and launched the weapon, the grenade flying past us at record speed and launching itself straight into Grigori's wall, exploding immediately on contact.

The ground shook at the rumble as the grenade exploded and crumbled part of the wall to pieces.

I looked at Roma and he nodded a you're welcome at me, strapping his own vest and jumping out of his car.

"It's a good thing law enforcements have been taken care of or we'd have a hell of a time explaining what the fuck that was," Alistair grumbled into his speaker.

The explosion alerted Grigori's men and in no time, they were stumbling through the wreckage, confused and disoriented. As if they hadn't been ready
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No mercy. War is War. Love it can't wait for the next chapters..
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Juicy Miss
No mercy!!!

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