93: Insurrection

Pov: Andre

"Get up," I told the girl, dropping my hand. "Lead us to the basement he was talking about."

She sniffed and scurried to her feet while glaring at me with as much venom as she could. "You killed him!" She screamed at me.

"Careful," I narrowed my eyes into slits at her, "I'd hold my tongue if I were you, unless you wish to join him."

She wisely clamped down on her lips as her body racked with sobs.

My phone buzzed in my pocket and I ignored it, knowing that the men would reach out to me through the earpieces if they wanted to deliver a message.

"The south wing has been successfully breached," Alexei's voice came in through the receiver. "No sign of Grigori."

"None here, either," Enzo murmured.

"He's probably hiding from in his basement. I'm heading there right now."

"We'll cover you," Alistair said, sounding not too far away.

I grabbed the girl's arm and pulled her along with me.

She couldn't be of much importance considering the fact that she was dressed in a scruffy maid
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Juicy Miss
How the hell did Lucas get to her??? Did Andre's father betray him? Sooo many disloyal bastards!!

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