94: Fight like a girl

Pov: Bianca

(Two hours ago.)

Things went wrong almost immediately Andre left.

"Where's Nico," I turned to Bernard as he led me up the stairs towards the safe room where half a dozen other men stood, alert, with their guns drawn.

"I sent some of the men to look for him. He probably snuck out to go with Andre. Right now, my job is to keep you safe."

"You don't understand, Nico is also important to Andre, you have to find him. I don't want anything happening to him again."

He huffed an exasperated breath and looked at me as if I was over-reacting. "Fine," he conceded, "get in the room and I'll go with the rest of the men to find Nico after you're safely locked inside."

"How will you get it to open? Only Andre and Emilio knows the password."

"Andre had you and Nico's fingerprints scanned and inputed into the house's control unit. The two of you can pretty much open any door in the house. We can let you in, but none of us can get out unless Emilio or Andre himself unlock the door from the
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