95: You're safe

Pov: Andre

"You're sure you don't want our help with this?" Alistair asked one last time before I jumped into the Jeep and the rest of my men got ready to get the fuck out of here.

"In the Cosa Nostra, we deal with our own famiglia," I said gruffly, my knuckles turning white as I clenched my fists hard around the steering wheel and started the car. Usually, Oscar takes the wheels but I was prepared to fuck up the speed limit and drive like a mad man until I got to Bianca.

That slimy bastard is fucking dead. Nothing will stop me from tearing open his gut with my bare hands and stringing out his intestines.

Excitement thrummed in my blood, the idea of having a reason to finally kill him was too good an opportunity to pass up.

"Found his location," Leon chirped behind me in the back seat. "He's back at the old townhouse."


I had one of my men link a tracker to him after the fiasco at the party cleared up. He had fled back to Sicily where I didn't have to see his face and contempla
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Juicy Miss
Where TF is Nico? How did that dead loser Lucas get the code???

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