Let's Try Again, Ex Wife
Let's Try Again, Ex Wife
Author: Phoenix_10

The King Family's Matriarch Is Dead!

New York City Cemetery…

It was the rainy season. Therefore, even though it was mid afternoon, the sky was gloomy and dark. Rain fell in torrents, soaking the ground in water. 

The cemetery was crowded. However, even so, it was all quiet and the atmosphere was filled with gloom. People of different classes and genders stood across the well dug grave as the corpse bearers approached with the casket.

Hailey Smith was amongst the crowd of people. She stood at a far end, away from others. She was putting on a black maxi gown coupled with black flat shoes. Due to the rain, she was also holding an umbrella like the others.

As she watched the bearers lift the casket and approach the grave, her gaze constricted and she tightened her fists. A lone tear silently slid down her face which was pale due to the cold. 

Her heart felt heavy and several memories flashed through her mind at that moment.

It was just like yesterday when the Old Madam had welcomed her into the King family with wide arms. She had called her their family’s charm. She had even given her an ancestral artifact.

Hailey lifted her hand and looked at the green colored jade bangle on her wrist and she felt her heart engulf with more sorrow. It was as though a hammer was slammed into her heart making her unable to breath.

She choked and a few more tears trickled down her face. Her chest felt stuffy and she wanted to scream to ease the sorrow in her heart. She lifted her hand and patted her chest lightly the ease the blocking in her chest.

Then, she looked in the direction of the grave again. The casket had already been placed in the grave. In fact, the burial was almost done.

People approached the grave one by one to pour sand into it. 

Hailey looked at the man in the front of the crowd. The man was tall and straight. He was putting on a simple black shirt and a pair of black pants. His sleeves were rolled up and his collar was tilted to the side. Even his shirt which to Hailey’s surprise were wrinkled. It was the first time Hailey had seen him so disheveled.

He stood there motionlessly and only kept staring down at the grave silently. He was very quiet but one could sense the sadness and tension that radiated off him in waves. 

He was Knox, Hailey’s husband. And the corpse they were burying was Knox's grandmother, the Old Madam of the King family.

Hailey knew how much Knox loved and respected his grandmother. He placed her above everything and he was sure to be the most devastated about her death. No one else might understand but Hailey who had lived with the two of them for three years, understood how good the relationship between them was. 

It was just as good as how the Old Madam treated her too. 

The man currently had no reaction and he just stood there watching the grave. Hailey had a feeling he still hadn't accepted the fact that his grandmother had died… yet.

But, she knew he wasn’t a weak man. He was a very strong entity. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been the head of such a large ancient, aristocratic family like the Kings at such a young age. He wouldn’t break down in tears like her. 

Hailey felt sorry for him. But, she was just as sad as he was. She also felt the impact of the old woman's death. 

After all, except for her dead mother, she was also the only one who had ever shown her kindness and love. She treated her like her own granddaughter and not the daughter in law of the King family. She was the only one who accepted her into the family.

Hailey felt another set of hot years rush to her eyes. They threatened to fall but she managed to keep them at bay. 

She lifted her head and looked at the sky. It was all dark and gloomy like the mood of everyone present.

Then, she looked at the burial ground again. The burial was done and a few people were already beginning to part. 

Hailey glanced at the mound before muttering in a low voice, “Goodbye, granny. Rest in peace.”

Her voice was laced with endless sorrow.

Then, she turned to leave immediately. She didn’t want anyone to notice that she was present.

But as she scuttled off, she didn’t notice that the man who was initially standing quietly across the grave turned to look in her direction for a moment. 

Nor did she notice that his eyes were bloodshot red. There were no tears in his yes but from how red it looked, it could be seen that he was having an internal breakdown.

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