Let's Get A Divorce.

Prime Manor, New York City…

Hailey adjusted her pajamas before taking a seat on the sofa in the living room. The TV was on and was currently showing a reality show. 

She couldn't recognize any of the guests in it so she eventually picked up the remote control and tuned away from that program. She eventually stopped at a news channel. 

Since it was currently ten in the morning, the newscaster was still reading the morning news. To Hailey's surprise, it was talking about the King family.

It had been more than a week since the death of the Matriarch of the King family. However, the depressing mood that came with her death was still as it was. It was as though she had just died.

Countless obituaries filled the streets and posters. Even the news and broadcasting companies talked about her death in their early morning news.  This was no surprise since she was a prominent figure in the entire country. In fact, the whole King family was an influential family in the country that was not to be trifled with.

There were three families that stood at the helm of the country, each reigning over the main sectors of power. However, it was no denying that the Kings were the most influential and prominent of them all. After all, they had an ancient background and had existed for thousands of years. 

They had a strong hold and influence over the activities in the entire country. And most importantly, as they were also a businessman based family, they had influence over the money flow around the country.

It's not an exaggeration to say the they had total control over the entire country.

So, Hailey was not surprised that the news of Old Madam King's death circulated so far. 

She leaned back into the sofa and continued to watch the program.

Knox had not contacted her at all since Old Madam's death. In fact, she didn't think he knew that she was aware of her death. None of the King family members likewise. 

They were all probably busy and preoccupied with social functions and had no time to care that she hadn't paid the family a visit at all. She had seen them appear on the news, giving out information of the Madam's death and how the family is coping with it and the likes…

All of them were saying sorrowful words and trying to gain sympathy from the public. But in reality, only a few of them were actually sad. Most of them were only there to keep up with publicity.

After all, in such a large family like the King's, it's an extravagant wish to think that their relationship will be harmonious. Most of them were only smiling brightly at one another and in a hidden place, where no one saw them, they constantly schemed against one another.

In fact, Hailey knew that with the death of Knox's grandmother, Knox would definitely suffer a backlash. After all, the woman was the greatest support he had. 

Knox was the youngest of his parents children and he had two elder siblings. There were also his father's younger brothers and elder brothers. If it were actually in terms of age, it wasn't yet Knox's turn at all. 

But, the King family respected merit and talent. Knox was a very brilliant person. He was excellent at everything he placed his hands on. He was a promising child ever since he was young. So, he shined out amongst his peers.

He also had the support of Old Madam who was the current Matriarch of the family. Her husband who was the leader of the family had handed the mantle and power to her. He knew how his family members were like so he wasn't willing to hand over the family to them. 

So, Knox became the head due to merit and the Old Madam's assistance.

But now that she was gone, he was bound to get targeted. After all, most of them were dissatisfied that he had jumped over their heads to take over the company.

So they'd definitely take the chance that he had no support anymore to show their wrath. They'd definitely bare their fangs. 

But she wasn't concerned.

Knox had been the head for more than five years now. He should already have a strong hold by now. He wasn't a stupid person so he must have already thought about the future.

Moreover, she was only his wife in name. So, whatever happened to him wasn't really her business.

Just as she was thinking about this, she felt the phone on the center table across her vibrate. It began to ring incessantly. 

Hailey was taken aback.

Who could be calling her? She didn't have many people in her circle of friends. And most of them hardly paid attention to her. She only got calls once in a blue moon. So, he wasn't expecting anyone to call her at all.

She reached out to grab the phone. The moment she saw the caller's ID, Hailey was stunned.

He was even the least expected to call her. It had been three years since they were married but he had never called her. In fact, she didn't expect that he had her number.

Whilst she was thinking, the call already rang off. The call ended. Hailey's eyes snapped to the blank screen. She bit her lips and wondered if she should him back. 

Whilst she was thinking, the phone suddenly lighted up again and it began to ring.

Hailey looked at the name 'Knox' on the screen for a moment before accepting the call. She placed the phone beside her ear.

"Hello?" she said.

"It's Knox." His voice instantly floated into Hailey's ears. It was calm and magnetic, instantly drawing her attention to his words.


"I know."

The man paused. Hailey could hear shuffling in the background. The line also sounded as though the frequency had changed. 

"Okay," he said.

Then he added, "We should sign the divorce papers now. We agreed that when grandmother dies, the contract will immediately be null and void."

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