You're Getting A Divorce, Right?

Hailey didn’t reply. She didn’t instantly say anything. In fact, she had zoned out and was thinking about what he said. 

It was true that they had agreed to divorce after his grandmother’s death. The marriage contract stated that they would only be together for four years since the doctor already said the Old Madam wouldn’t live past four years.

Hailey wasn’t that surprised that he called her to talk about. It. After all, it was only expected that he’d deal with it now that his grandmother was dead.

Hunter saw that she didn’t say a word and waited a few seconds for her to digest his words before he cleared his throat and said, “Hai…”

But, she cut him off midway.


Her reply was short and discreet. It instantly took the man off guard. After all, she hadn’t said anything for a few seconds after he announced his wish. So, he initially thought she had something she wanted to say.

But regardless, even though he was surprised, it only took a second for him to recover. In fact, his voice was as calm and straightforward as it has always been.

“Alright,” he replied. “Let’s meet at the Civil Bureau Office by 2pm tomorrow to process the divorce.”

Hailey gave a nod even though he couldn’t see her before answering, “Ok. I’ll be there.”

The man gave a low hum in acknowledgement of her words before the line was disconnected.

After, Hailey heard the mechanical voice that came from the phone that signaled that the call had been ended, she dropped the phone back on the center table. Then, she continued to watch the program.

Barely a few minutes later though, she stood up from the sofa and grabbed the half filled popcorn bowl and returned to the kitchen. After disposing of the left over, she walked back in the direction of the hallway. Then, she took the stairs up and entered a room.

It was one of the masters' bedroom in the villa. There were two of them. Hailey slept in one and Hunter slept in the other whenever he came home. Although, he had only come to the villa twice during their marriage.

Their relationship was that of business partners. It was completely formal. Her only job was to be pretend to be a good wife in front of the Old Madam. 

But since there was no need for that anymore, there was no need to keep being married. Everyone would part ways peacefully and she’d be back to her normal life that was disrupted three years ago.

Before that, she had to pack up all her things to move out. After all, it was Hunter’s villa. She’d have to move out after tomorrow. So, it was better to prepare before that time comes


She entered her own bedroom. It was a very large room with a queen sized bed in it. It was very simple though. There were only the basic furniture in it and it wasn’t extravagant nor showy.

This wasn’t because Hunter wasn’t willing to take care of her. In fact, he had done the opposite. 

After they got their marriage certificates, he hired the services of a home renovator and everything in the whole house renovated. He even hired a full time group of house helps and butler.

But, Hailey had always led a simple life. She wasn’t used to the extravagance. Moreover, the more people who knew she was once married to the billionaire, the more it would affect her later on after they divorce.

Hailey shook her head and broke away from her thoughts. Then, she walked into the bedroom. Her scent lingered in every corner of the room. It was that of lotus flowers. It scented like incense powder and had a very calming effect to it.

She walked to the closet and pulled the door open. Then, she entered through the door. The room was filled with clothes and accessories. They were mostly ball gowns and dresses for banquets. 

She grabbed an empty travelling bag from the corner of the room. Then, she walked to a wardrobe at the end of the room. There were only a few lounge wears since she hardly went out during the last three years except occasionally during parties or family gatherings that she had to show her face. In fact, most of her days were usually spent indoors.

She picked out all the loungewear that she brought along with her when she moved in. They turned out to be so little that they didn’t even full a suitcase. It was only when she dragged the suitcase back to he dressing table in her bedroom and arranged her accessories in it, was it finally full and heavy.

It was only about an hour later, did she finally finish packing up. She stood by her bedside with her arms akimbo as she looked at the green colored suitcase. Afterwards, she walked into the bathroom to take a bath.

After she returned, she was putting on a simple knee-length night dress. As she approached the bed, the phone on her bedside table chimed.

Hailey glanced in the direction of the cell phone interface had lit up after the notification. Her brows furrowed slightly as she wondered who had texted her. It was very unusual.

But nevertheless, she crawled into bed and draped herself with the blanket fitted into the bed. Then, she reached out and took the cell phone. 

There were three notifications on the phone. All were messages. She saw that one came from a number saved as Nick. She only glanced at the notification for a moment without bothering to read the message before scrolling downwards.

The next one was a message from a number saved as Bestie. It was from her best friend, Ivy. Hailey clicked on it and read the contents. The message read thus;

Bestie: I heard the news that the Old Madam is dead. Is it true? If it is, then you’re getting divorced, right? 

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