The Fashion Show 1

Hailey’s fingers which were initially dancing on the screen paused. She adjusted her head on the pillow and pursed her lips slightly.

The Old Madam was dead and it was only right that the next thing to do was to get a divorce. But, why was he having second thoughts about it? Her mind kept veering to thoughts of how it'd be like to keep the marriage. Even though, it was only a marriage of convenience, why was the feeling so uncomfortable at the thought of parting ways.

Had she gotten used to the life of being married?

Hailey had no idea what was wrong with her. But, she knew better than anyone that the marriage had to split up. She knew they had to get a divorce no matter what.

After all, within the past three years, she hadn’t lived the life of a person at all. She was holed up in the house alone and didn’t keep any company except for the constant chats between her and Ivy.

It was only a few times when there were gatherings at the King manor or when there are events being held by the upper echelon of the society, would she leave the villa, appearing as Knox's wife.

Knox hadn’t said anything to this. Except that he provided every material need for her, he had left her to her devices. In fact, except for when he called her today, they had only shared a sentence in private since the day they got married.

He let her decide everything she wanted without question. But, he kept his distance from her, only appearing in her life whenever need be.

Hailey knew the best thing for her was to keep their marriage hidden. So, she didn’t let anyone know except her close friend. Nor did she go out of the villa regularly lest anyone connect the dots.

She knew well enough how the aristocratic circle of the city was like. They only pretended to be elegant and noble on the surface and in front of the camera but there were only a few who were truly noble to the bones. Moreover, most of them bullied the weak and feared the strong.

There were only three people who knew about the contract she signed with Knox which included his assistant, Lee.

She knew what she was like at the moment. She was weak compared to the man and would definitely be on the receiving end of every kind of aggression that came with divorcing the man. H

was the powerful figure that controlled the entire finance sector of the country while she was only the abandoned daughter of the Smith’s. Although, her family could be considered prominent and wealthy, it was a far cry from the status of the King family.

There were countless people trying to please and suck up to the man. Although, she was sure he would keep their divorce under wraps like he did with their marriage, she had to think about the possibility of the news leaking to the public. 

Some who had intentions to suck up the man might use it as an advantage. They might also try to deal with her in order to please the man. When that time comes, she would have no one to cry to.

Hailey sighed. Then, she returned her attention to Ivy’s message. Then, she typed out: Let’s meet up tomorrow and talk about it. Same place.

After the message ticked and showed that it was sent, she scrolled to the third one. It wasn’t a message specifically. It was a reminder.

It read: The twentieth fashion show organized by the top star designer, Rick would be held on 5th.

Hailey instantly sat up. She reread the message quite a few times to be sure. Her mentor was holding a fashion show in two days. She couldn’t miss it for anything.

She would sign the divorce papers tomorrow with Knox the next day and go for the show the next. Her confused heart which had been hanging all these while was instantly set to rest.

Everyone close to Hailey knew that she was very crazy about fashion designing. But, she didn’t just like it. She was extremely skilled and talented in it.

It was actually the reason why she could live alone for three years without feeling bored. Most of her time were spent on designing new outlines. She had a blog where she uploaded her designs and got orders for her manuscript. But it was all anonymous and no one knew that the first young mistress of the Smith’s was a designer.

After Hailey planned her schedule, she was tired and yawned. She was sleepy so she turned her phone off and slid back under the covers to sleep.

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