The Inhumane Third Uncle

King Family Manor…

Knox had just entered the manor and was pulling his shoes at the door. The butler, Uncle Tim pulled out a pair of comfy home slippers from the upper cupboard fitted into the wall at the main door. He placed the slippers on the floor and looked at Knox.

“Welcome home, Master.”

Knox put on the slippers. Then, he straightened up and pulled off his suit. A rare smile appeared on his cold face as he turned to Uncle Tim.

“Thank you, Uncle Tim. For everything you’ve done in the past few days.”

After the Matriarch's death, Knox had been disoriented and he wasn’t in the mood to handle anything. But, the people at home were different. The person who had been able to keep them in check all these while was dead.

They couldn’t wait to show their true colors. 

Knox wasn’t in a good mood and was still shaken due to his grandmother’s death. Moreover, he still had to deal with the formal things and maintain the forces that would try to attack the businesses from outside. After all, they had just lost an important figure and their competitors knew they were at a weak moment.

It was only due to Uncle Tim's firm control and management of the inner matters of the family that the King family didn’t fall apart.

Uncle Tim shook his head with a smile and tagged behind Knox as he walked towards the lounge. 

“I didn’t do anything, Master. It was only through your authority that I was able to control them.”

Knox was about to reply when he heard the sounds of loud noise and laughter. It came from the main living room. Knox had already entered the lounge that led to the living room, so he could hear them clear. They were clear and young voices. 

He halted in his steps immediately. His handsome frosted over and he seemed colder than before . His face was devoid of an expression but anyone with eyes could see that he was in a bad mood.

He continued to walk forward as he gave Uncle Tim a side glance and asked, “Who are inside?”

Uncle Tim seemed to heave an helpless sigh and his elderly face was filled with helplessness. 

He replied, “It’s Young Master Lance and his friends.”

Knox nodded in acknowledgement but he seemed even colder than he was. His voice was monotone and cold as well as he asked again, “His parents are not home?”

“Second Master and Madam left home early morning yesterday. None of the elders are home. I didn’t want to let him bring his friends home. But, he said they were here to practice for a test. So, I left them in the living room to tend to other things. I didn’t think they would…”

“Next time, Uncle Tim…” Knox said as he placed his hand on the door knob to the living room. “Do not let them enter.”

Uncle Tim whipped his head towards him and his expression seemed to be that of shock and disbelief. 

He muttered lowly, “But, wouldn’t that embarrass the Young Master? You know, he is still a teenager…”

Knox smiled lightly. 

He countered, “Which is why, he should sit up and use his brain when he is still young. If he wants to organize parties, he should do it at his parents personal properties. The ancestral home is not a place for that.”

Uncle Tim lowered his head upon hearing this and nodded. He knew Knox was right. The ancestral manor was not meant to be disrespected like that. Moreover, it was no news that outsiders we’re not allowed to enter the manor without a valid reason.

“I understand, Master.”

Knox gave a satisfied nod. Then, he turned the knob and entered.

Indeed, it was just as he had said. Lance was not reading with his friends but rather, they were engaged in partying and dancing. Uncle Tim was surprised and he seemed disappointed but Knox wasn’t. In fact, his expression didn’t change and it was as though, he already expected it.

It was crowded inside the living room. Lance had invited five of his friends. There were empty bottles of drinks lying on the table. They were also playing loud music. 

Lance himself and another boy were strewn across the sofa in drunken stupor. 

It was extremely messy and unsightly.

The moment the door opened and creaked, it immediately attracted Lance’s attention because he was already cautious and apprehensive of being caught.

He immediately stood up and when his gaze met with Knox’s, his face which was already red from drinking, instantly paled. He struggled to open his eyes and blinked severally, probably unsure whether he was seeing things.

But no matter how much he blinked, Knox didn’t disappear from his view. Lance instantly panicked at the realization and stuttered, “Third Uncle…”

Knox gave him a glance. It was very casual and he looked away instantly. But, Lance who was already guilty and scared almost peed in his pants.

Knox retracted his gaze and walked to settle on one of the empty sofas. He folded his suit jacket and placed it on the arm before folding his long legs. Then, he clasped his palms and looked at the group of youths with a detached gaze. 

At this moment, Lance’s friends had also realized something was wrong. Those who weren’t completely drunk and could still stand by themselves helped the others up. They all his behind their host and took occasional peeks at Knox.

They all heard Lance call the man Third Uncle earlier. In fact, they were all Lance’s close friends and he shared a lot of things with them. He mostly complained about this uncle of his.

 He addressed him as a cold, ruthless man that was cruel to even his family members. They had all doubted him at that time. But, as they stood in front of the man who was only watching them expressionlessly without a word, they felt that Lance was right.

The man was cold and detached. In fact, one had to be careful not to step on his toes and incur his anger. The only thing they didn’t expect was that he was so handsome and young.

Lance who had been chosen as the scapegoat for everyone stood at the front of his friends cautiously. His legs were trembling and he kept his head down to avoid meeting his uncle’s gaze.

No one knew how much he feared this uncle of his. In fact, he would prefer that his parents were the one who caught him drinking and not his uncle. 

All the children of the King family grew up together and he had grown up, knowing this uncle of his. He had always been cold and arrogant since they were young. He never smiled at them like others. In fact, he was very strict with them.

There was once a time when Lance had fought in middle school and had gotten beaten up. He came home riddled with bruises and was crying. Everyone else in the family was petting him and urging him to stop crying. B

his Third Uncle was different. He directly pulled him over and beat him again before sending him back to the scene of the fight. He beat him up until he could fight the bully by himself.

These continued until he beat the bully till he fainted. It was only then did his Third Uncle stop tormenting him. But since then, those beatings had been imprinted in Lance’s mind and he couldn’t stop his instinctive fear towards Knox.

His heart was filled with regrets. If only he knew, he wouldn’t have invited his friends over. If only he knew, they would have tried their first time drinking somewhere else.

He knew everyone in the King family’s business was busy trying to maintain stability due to the incessant attacks from competitors. His uncle wouldn’t come home since he would be busy attending to urgent matters. Moreover, his uncle didn’t live with them in the ancestral manor until the death of their grandmother.

There was no elder at home. 

His friends wanted to see how large the King family was and he who couldn’t wait to showcase the extravagance of his family, had brought them to his home. 

But at this moment, he was filled with regrets…

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