“Master, this is your tea,” a servant of the family said with a bow and placed the saucer on the table before him.

Knox gave Lance one more glance before saying to the servant, “Thank you.”

“It’s my responsibility, Master,” the young girl immediately replied with a bow even though Knox’s attention was no longer on her. Then, she scurried off into the inner part of the mansion.

Knox grabbed the saucer along with the teacup. There was a spoon beside it. He folded his long legs and stirred the tea slowly with the spoon.

Then, he looked up in the direction where Lance half sat, not daring to sit comfortably. Lance looked up when he sensed his gaze on him and when his gaze met with that pair of cool obsidian eyes, he shivered and lowered his gaze tensely.

Lance’s friends had long gone the moment Knox gave the order for the guards to lead them out of the mansion. So, at that moment, there was only Lance bearing the brunt of Knox’s cold aura.

Knox released a half-smile. Then, he lifted the teacup and took a sip of the tea before placing the saucer back.

Then, he faced Lance as he lifted an arm across the armchair. “How old are you this year?”

“Nineteen,” Lance muttered lowly, almost in a whisper. He trembled in his seat, wondering why this villainous uncle was asking about his age.

Knox leveled him a gaze. Then, he held a hand to his temple, massaging it lightly. The room was quiet and there was only the sound of Knox tapping his fingers on the smooth leather chair. His lips were pursed and his face was pulled as though he was contemplating something.

Within that period that he was in silence, Lance felt the most uncomfortable. It was as though he was sitting on pins and needles. His legs were clamped together and he tried hard to reduce his sense of existence.

In reality, wasn’t usually scared of anyone. He was tough but to crack. But, he was guilty and apprehensive since he was caught drinking. Moreover, Knox was only staring at him and asking him questions casually.

 He was unable to comprehend the situation nor was he able to predict what was going to happen to him. So, he was more scared than usual.

Just when he thought Knox wasn’t going to say anything, the man suddenly declared with a tone of finality, “Since you have nothing to do, I’ll give you a part-time job at the company. After classes, tomorrow, come to the company. When you get there, ask to see my secretary.”

Then without another word, the man stood up with his coat. He strode up the stairs that led to his bedroom.

Lance stared at his retreating figure for a long time. Even though Knox had long disappeared through the stairs, he was still staring in that direction in a daze.

When he recovered, he was instantly speechless.

A part-time job? 

He had no idea how his uncle concluded that he needed to work. He was still young and his parents were not lacking. Moreover, even if his parents don’t support him anymore, he had enough savings to support himself. 

This King family wasn’t an ancient family for nothing. None of the family members were lacking in fortune.

Even if he would eventually work in the company, it wasn’t now. He would finish his education first and probably get appointed as one of the managing directors or the CEO of one of the branch companies.

Therefore, Lance was unable to understand why his uncle wanted him to go work at the company. But, the tone in the man’s voice was enough to tell him that he couldn’t refuse. He had no choice but to go.

Anyway, he would go there the next day to see what his uncle was aiming at and then think of a way to reject it if it doesn’t benefit him in any way.

So, he tossed the matter out of his mind. Instead, he was more relieved that Knox didn’t pursue the matter of him getting drunk and playing loud music in the ancestral home. In fact, he seemed to have forgotten about it. Lance’s heart which had been hanging out of worry was instantly set at rest.

But, the poor boy didn’t know what he was going to face the next day.


After Knox left the living room, he took the stairs up to his bedroom. It was on the fourth floor. There were five of them occupying the third floor. He took the farthest quarter of the floor which had two rooms installed in it while his five cousins shared the other part.

When his grandmother was still alive, she occupied the second floor alone because she was getting older and it wasn’t beneficial to her heart if she had to climb the stairs occasionally.

The youngest generation which included Lance and a few of Knox’s other nephews and nieces occupied the third floor.

The elder grandchildren took the fifth floor. They were six in number. His eldest cousin who was the eldest among the younger generation occupied two of the rooms in the East wing with his wife. Knox’s elder brother took the other two. His sister took occupied the east wing with their cousin who was also female. The other two wings were shared amongst their three cousins.

The top floor belonged to those of the older generation. They weren’t many and were only three. Knox’s father who was the youngest and his two elder brothers.

The living arrangements were done according to age and people of the same generation lived on the same floor to enhance understanding and interaction. Moreover, it would enhance peace in the family.

But, the home was meant to be a gathering abode and they all hardly stayed there. It was only when there was a large gathering or event would they gather together in the manor. So, at that moment, there was no one in the manor except Knox and Lance. And of course, the servants and maids.

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