Knox himself wasn’t meant to be at the manor too. He was occupied at the company and his pattern of living had been to work, eat and sleep in the office. 

But, he needed to get the contract agreement and his home registration papers at the old house. He had brought it when he married Hailey to prove to his grandmother who was still skeptical that he was married.

He didn’t want to carry it around so he simply kept it in his room, tightly secured away from a place where other people could find it. In reality, he wasn’t truly worried that anyone would trespass into his room.

None of the other family members would. Especially the younger generation who were wary of him. He had shown them hell during the times they were all living together in the old house. Even though, he was considered young amongst his age class, he had been a tyrant since young. 

Moreover, the Old Madam doted on him a lot because he inherited a bit of her father’s looks when he was younger. He was also good at pleasing elders so he really had his way among them.

Especially since he became the head of the company, no one dared to trifle with him. So, he was sure no one could ever trespass into his territory.

Moreover, only the younger generation would have interest in targeting him. All of the direct children of the late Patriarch were well established and had their own organizations across the country. This had been part of their trainings. Only the

He opened the door of his bedroom and walked into it. It was an extremely large and spacious room. But, it had a minimalistic and simple setting. It was European themed. 

It had intricately designed furniture. Sleek marble stones were used for walls and floors. It also had cathedral ceiling where dazzling exposed beams were hung. There were a few glided accessories in the room also and shells of different sizes hung on the headboard.

It was a beautiful architectural design. Not only was in simple, it showed a hint of modern leaning into the old world. But, it didn’t lose in terms of opulence.

Knox shut the door of the room behind him. He hung his coat on the rack right behind the door. Then, he unbuttoned the first three upper buttons of his shirt. This exposed the fair stretch of skin underneath the shirt. 

There was also a bit of his chest muscles and abs exposed. It clung to the shirt due to perspiration, hence, showing the outlines of his abdominal muscles.

The man then walked to a corner of the room where a book shelf was hung. He pushed the shelf to the side and a small compact, stretch of wall came into view. Its design was different from the wall of the entire room.

Knox hit the wall once and it slowly shifted in, making way to show a short length but wide hollow. There were a lot of contents inside the wall. Knox reached out for the papers with familiarity and pulled them out from under a black box. Then, he shut the wall back and returned the shelf to its original position.

Then, he walked to the king sized bed and settled on it with the papers in hand. He unfolded the papers and  separated them. The marriage affidavit was a thick cream colored paper. On it, his name and Hailey’s were written in block letters.

He looked down at her signature on the paper and a memory resurfaced in his mind. The marriage was done in a hurry and only with the consent of Hailey’s family. He didn’t inform any of the King family.

He remembered noticing that Hailey’s face and hands was pale as she went through the arrangements and signed necessary papers. She seemed nervous and unsettled. It also affected how her writing was like. The attendant in charge of their registration had called her for it and she had seemed embarrassed for that.

He had no idea why she was so unsettled. He had been straightforward and quick about it when it was his turn. This was because he already had the resolve that it was only a contract marriage. Anyway, it was just a deal between two people. So, he wasn’t affected like she was.  

But as he held the papers in hand, knowing it was to sign a divorce, it felt unusual and weird. Although, he and Hailey rarely interacted in private, he still got used to be in a marriage. When someone referred to her as his wife, there wasn’t any bit of hesitation in his heart and he was used to being married to her.

Knox released a small frown subconsciously. He himself didn’t realize it. He took a look at the papers once more before reaching out to one of the drawers in his bedside table. He brought out a blue colored folder from it and uncorked the folder.

Then, he arranged the papers in it carefully. After he was done, he corked the folder back and placed it in the drawer again. Then, he grabbed the mini laptop on the bedside table and sat up on the bed.

He flipped it open and as he waited for it to boot, he stretched continuously. He was in for one busy night. For, he was sure there would be a heap of emails and files waiting for him to review. It wasn’t easy to he in a high position. The more powerful one was, the greater the responsibility.

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