We Are Here To Get A Divorce

The Civil Bureau Office was bustling with activity. The building was filled with people going in and leaving at intervals. It was a tall building that stood tall in the city center with an inscriptive banner hung at the top.

Cars of different brands were parked in front of the building. They were within the road bounds. Along the trail of cars, a black Maybach was parked along the railing in the street bend. It had tinted glass windows and it was conspicuous and easily noticed.

Knox sat alone in the backseat of the car and the space beside him was empty. He was putting on a black three piece suit with a white center pleat shirt underneath. He was also putting on a pair of fine textured black pants. His attire was simple and corporate. However, they were all designated with a similar branded logo at the hem.

There was a tablet in his hands and he scrolled through it with his index finger. He seemed focused and concentrated at that moment. After a moment, he retracted his gaze from the screen and looked at his watch. It’s been ten minutes since the designated time he and Hailey agreed to meet up.

Knox lifted his head to look at his assistant, Lee who was seated in the front passenger seat beside the driver. He asked, “How is it? Are the investors already there?”

Lee immediately replied, folding the mini PC on his laps and turned to look at Knox. “They just arrived. Lucas has ushered them in and stalling them.”


Knox looked out of the window impatiently. He had a lot on his schedule  and wasn’t meant to be at the bureau at that moment. In fact, he could have just placed a call to the bureau office and tell them to process the divorce.

But, he felt that since Hailey would have to come by herself, it wouldn’t be polite for him to not appear. After all, she was someone who had helped him please his grandmother for three years. He ought to be at least sincere.

Knox sighed. He glanced at his wristwatch and made up his mind to wait for ten minutes more. If she didn’t appear by then, he would leave first and they would have to reschedule.

He was about to lean back in his chair when he sighted a familiar figure approaching the bureau office. It was Hailey.

Her head was lowered and she was staring at the screen of her phone as she walked. She was focused on the phone and didn’t seem to place much attention to the vehicles that wheezed past her. Thankfully, she was walking on the sidelines.

Knox saw her place her phone beside her. Then, she lifted her head and looked around the cars parked at the entrance. Her action made Knox realize that he seemed to be searching for and was probably calling him. He dug his hand into his trouser pocket for his phone but it didn’t seem to ring.

He looked her way again in puzzlement and saw that she seemed to redial and place the phone back to her ears. Just then, he saw that Lee reached into his pockets and brought his phone out.

Lee cleared his throat and said as he accepted the call and opened the car to get out, “Madam.”

 Knox instantly whipped his head towards him when he heard his words. He watched as Lee continued to talk on the phone as he approached her. Then, he looked down at the phone in his hand and wondered why she didn’t call him and called his assistant instead?

But, he didn’t have time to dwell on this because he was soon distracted by something else.

As Hailey and Lee approached the car he was in, Knox could see her even clearer. She was putting on a black top on a pair of blue jean trousers. Her head was packed in a simple ponytail outlining her fair face. She had a pair of dazzling Amber colored eyes that glistened from afar due to the reflection of sunlight against her face.

Her eyelashes were black and long. She had a pair of heart shaped lips that were light red. Knox subconsciously looked closely. She wasn’t putting on lipstick. Her lips were naturally red. 

Knox throat rolled. He had never seen her dressed so simple and casual. In fact, all the times they met was in public where she had to dress to meet the standards of the King family. She always dressed to represent the status of his wife. He was unable to react to the change for sometime.

Before they reached the car, he opened the door and got out. He leaned into the car door and waited for them to reach him. He also slipped his hands into his trouser pockets.

When they got to him, Hailey gave a polite smile and said, “Mr. King.”

Knox lips arched slightly. He replied, “Miss. Hailey.” Then, he stepped away from the car and gestured towards the entrance of the building. “We should go.”

They walked side by side as they approached the entrance while Lee followed behind them.

“Have you waited for long?” Hailey asked, showing an half embarrassed smile. “Something came up.”

Knox shook his head.

“It’s nothing. We just have to hurry and get everything done. I have to be somewhere in the next ten minutes.”


Then, they entered the bureau office. The moment they approached the bureau, the clerk at the counter looked them over and commented, “You are here to register your marriage? Such beautiful couple. You’ll make a good couple.”

Knox and Hailey shared a glance. 

Then, Knox cleared his throat and clarified, “No. We’re here to get a divorce.”

The clerk looked at them, her eyes curving in sheer surprise. She hadn’t imagined that they were there to divorce. They were both young and had good looks. The atmosphere between them was also natural and they weren’t at all hostile. They didn’t look at all like they were getting a divorce.

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