Consider It A Severance Pay

The clerk ran an inquisitive gaze over them.

Knox was putting on a suit and a pair of pant trousers. He was tall to begin with and he had an impressive figure, so he looked even more eye catching. Coupled with the cold but calm aura that emanated from him, he seemed majestic and noble.

The clerk couldn’t find anything wrong with him. He seemed like a man every girl would dream to have. Except for the cold expression on his face as though someone owed him money.

Then, she looked Hailey's way.

Hailey was dressed causally and simply. She looked even younger than she was. She was full of youth and vibrancy. There was light in her eyes and she didn’t seem like she was a naggy or troublesome woman.

The clerk clicked her tongue. She gestured for them to sit across her. There were two chairs opposite her desk which the two sat on.

After they sat, the woman braced her palms. She narrowed her gaze and asked, “Is there a reason why you want to divorce?”

Hailey and Knox were taken aback.

When t
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