She Couldn't Afford To Show Any Weakness

After departing the Bureau Office, Hailey returned to Prime Manor, the villa where she stayed during her three years of marriage to Knox. It was quiet and empty since no one else was there. As Hailey stood in the middle of the living room, she looked around with emotion.

She was sentimental. It had been long since she lived there. She lived alone so she was more closer to the inanimate things in the house. It felt sentimental to leave.

But, she had to.

She shook her head and turned around, dragging her suitcase along with her. She walked to the front door and licked the door before stepping out of the manor while dragging her suitcase along.

The manor was in an estate in the suburbs so there was hardly anyone around. The roads were empty and everyone where in their homes. It was even harder to get a cab if you had no means of transportation.

So, Hailey already hired a cab on her way to get her luggage.

As she stepped out, the man who was initially leaning on the car hood, instantly
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