However, to Hailey's disappointment, her stepmother was not in the mansion at the time. She went to a dinner party with her father as his plus one.

Instead, she found a group of teenagers gathered in the living room. They were about six in number and most of them were girls. There were only two boys seated around the TV. They huddled around the center table which was filled with all sorts of condiments and drinks.

Hailey raised a brow. Such grand reception.

Just then, she heard a shuffle behind her. The door opened and a familiar figure rushed in.

When the person saw her standing at the door, he instantly rushed up to her and cried out, "Eldest Miss."

Hailey was then enveloped into a warm embrace. The person was taller and had a broader build, so, her entire face was sandwiched into the person's chest.

Hailey grinned sniffing the familiar scent on the person's body. That voice was also clear and couldn't be lost on her so she could discern it no matter what.

"Tony," Hailey called out
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