Rumpled 4


Ciara seemed to be in shock as she watched me suck off those fingers that had been inside her just a few seconds ago. I could see the awe in those brown eyes of hers and I smiled. That was the reaction I'd wanted to get out of her. I pulled the fingers out of my mouth with a loud pop after which I licked my lips. 

"Amazing," I remarked, looking at the fingers I'd just sucked dry before turning back to look at her. "Wanna have a taste?" I asked her just for the sake of it. She was going to have a taste whether she liked it or not. And with that thought, I brought my fingers to her small, soft lips, pressing hard against them and coating them with my saliva. 

I made her part her lips and my fingers slipped into her mouth. Again, the warmth and sensation was maddening. "Suck it, princess. Soon, you'll have something much bigger in that mouth of yours," I told her with a smirk. Slowly, I began moving my fingers in her mouth—in and out—until I felt the grape I'd given her earlier. I was surprised that it was still in her mouth. I smiled as a thought came to mind. 

I retrieved the grape and she watched me put it in my own mouth before chewing and swallowing it. I went further to suck her nipple, grabbing both her boobs ever so tightly to the extent that I was sure it was almost hurting. I played with her nipple with my tongue and grazed it softly against my teeth. But then her whimpers only increased and something felt off. 

I looked up at her to find out that tears were rolling down her eyes more than ever. I quickly snapped my fingers, releasing her from her paralysis and that was when I heard her burst out crying. All these sounds she had been making all this time… she had been crying? And not trying to scream in pleasure? I'd only paralyzed her so she would stay still and wouldn't try anything funny. It couldn't be… All I'd been doing was for naught? 

"Get away from me, you bastard!" She yelled at me after realizing she could now speak. I got off the bed, still staring at her in shock. She scampered and hugged her naked self. I didn't realize… What had I done? I felt so bad at that moment. I didn't even know what to say? What could I even say? 

All these while, I thought I'd been pleasing her. I thought she had been enjoying it. I felt horrible seeing her that way as she hugged herself and glared at me like I was a monster. I wasn't a monster, I was only just misunderstood—by her and everyone else. But how do I begin explaining that to her? I didn't want Ciara seeing me as a horrible person but I guess I hadn't exactly given her any reasons to like me. 

I decided to leave her be and so I left the room, closing the door behind me. Not long after I'd closed the door, I heard something crash against it from the other side. I was pretty sure it was the lamp on the bedside table. And that was followed by her screeching and deafening scream before further trashing of the entire room. 

I walked away. 


I hated myself. I could not believe I had gotten myself into this. I just wanted to die and end it all. I hated myself for being so stupid and I hated myself for being so naïve and trusting. I would prefer if he just killed me and dumped my body somewhere rather than this torture. Because that's what this was—torture. I should never have walked into this place. All I wanted was to escape my parents and now I'm getting turned into a sex toy? 

I sat on the floor, in the middle of the mess I'd made. It had been hours and the sky had gone dark but all I'd been able to do was throw on a robe. I did not even think of touching the food he'd brought in, in fact, I'd long scattered it and smashed the plates to pieces. Besides, after everything, I was very far from hungry. The things he'd done to me were the only things I could think about. And the more I thought of it, the more furious I felt. I didn't even feel angry at him. I was angry at myself. 

One thing I knew I needed to do was to have an escape plan. I needed to get out of here more than anything. I couldn't die here. I wouldn't let him kill me. Instead, I'd be the one to kill him. 

But that also brought me to the fact that he had powers. I didn't know who or what he was and that alone gave him the upper hand. That also meant he could have me dead with the literal snap of his fingers. Maybe the only way I could get out of here was to play along to whatever game he was playing. Maybe if I played along, I'd find the perfect escape plan. But for how long? How much more of this was I willing to endure? I was starting to feel like I would go crazy any second. 

I mustered up the little energy I could and dragged myself to the bathroom. I got in the shower and just stood there, letting it wash  over me as I got lost in my thoughts once more. I was determined to get myself out of this situation the same way I'd gotten myself into it but while I was at it, I couldn't succumb to him. If he thought I was some toy he could play with whenever he felt like it then he was very wrong. If he wanted a toy then he had the wrong princess. 

I got out of the shower and dried my body before putting on a sleeveless gown and rearranging my hair into a ponytail. I sat on the bed for a while afterwards and stared at nothing in particular. The room was still a mess and I had no plans of ever cleaning it up. I stood up and walked to the door, surprised to find it open. For a second, I thought this was my escape opportunity but I knew it wasn't that easy. I contemplated leaving the room or not. He had intentionally left the door unlocked, right? But for what reason exactly? 

I decided to leave the room because sooner or later, I'd still have to. And besides, how was I going to escape if I stayed in that room all day? So I left the room and began making my way slowly down the relatively dark hall like there were minefields everywhere. I wasn't the same girl I was anymore when I first walked through this dark. That girl had been curious, suspicious, but hopeful. This girl was much more careful because she'd learnt to fear the unknown—something she initially didn't really know. 

It was when I got to the stairs that I realized that the house wasn't just darker than usual for no reason, the lights had been turned off. I could barely make out Rian's figure as he sat on the couch backing the stairs. Was sitting alone in the dark some sort of hobby or some form of meditation? Why the hell had I not seen how much of a freak this guy was? Oh yes, I did see it. But I didn't pervert and molestor were part of his attributes as well. He was even wearing another one of his ancient suits again, I could tell. 

I must've made some sort of sound or maybe he just sensed my presence because he turned around and shot his green eyes at me. He immediately got up from his seat like he'd been waiting for me. I watched in awe again as he snapped his fingers and all the lights came on instantly. 

I took a deep breath to keep my sanity in check because I couldn't quite understand how a normal human being would be able to do that. The memory of him snapping his fingers and my clothes disappearing flashed through my mind and I shook my head slightly to shake it off. 

Rian simply stood there, staring at me for a while before he motioned for me to follow him to the dinning area which I did. It wasn't like I had a choice. I'm sure if I tried to make a run for it I'd discover that the doors were locked. Let's not forget that gate that he was probably controlling with his powers. 

He snapped his fingers again when we got to the empty table and there was suddenly an assortment of food. I was honestly starting to get tired of his magic tricks but at least now I knew how so much food appeared in such short notice. 

We sat the same way we'd sat the same way we'd sat the previous day and since I was hungry and would need my food in my stomach for my brain to function properly and think of a way out of here, I helped myself to some food. But I didn't touch the wine, I'd learnt my lesson. The food might as well be poisoned too for all I care but maybe a part of me didn't even care anymore. God, I'd never felt so worthless in my life. Rian looked like he wanted to say something and even though the last thing I wanted was to see his face or hear his voice, I couldn't exactly stop him from speaking. I tried to focus on the food instead and not him. 

"I believe there's been some kind of misunderstanding," he started, making me wonder what godforsaken misunderstanding he was talking about. "What happened earlier was… inappropriate. And I'm sorry. I now realize that I should have seeked  your consent first."

I finally looked up at him, making sure to glare daggers at him. "You now realize?" I asked, scoffing afterwards. "What you did is called sexual assault and you can use all the big words you want to cover it up but that's what it is. And the minute I'm out of here, the entire kingdom will be coming for your head!" 

"You see that's where you're wrong, princess," he said, the corner of his lips slowly tugging into that annoying smirk of his. "What makes you think you're ever leaving this place?" he asked and that question alone sent chills down my spine. 

I swallowed. "You can't keep me here forever," I said firmly. There was no way he was planning on keeping me locked in here till eternity. I had my life to live! I wasn't some caged animal. Hell, I'd rather be locked in the palace than here with him. 

He smiled, readjusting his sitting position. "Look, princess, let's strike a deal," he said and I waited to hear what he could possibly propose. "Let's please each other." I was confused and he must've seen my confusion for him to continue, "why don't we just stay here… just the two of us… and learn to satisfy all our sexual desires." He bit into an  apple slowly while staring at me probably to lay emphasis. 

And here I thought I couldn't be more disgusted. "That's your proposal?" I raised my voice. 

He chucked and raised his hands in mock surrender. "Fine, fine. Here's what's going to happen," he said. "I grant you three wishes… one for each time you're able to… satisfy me."

The way he said it made me want to vomit. But besides that, what was he talking about? "You're a genie?" 

He smiled. "No, darling. I'm a fairy. There's a difference."

"What's the difference?" 

He smirked and replied, "Genies stay in a bottle. My cock alone wouldn't even fit in one."

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