Rumpled 6


Soft ass. Very soft ass was all I thought about as we kissed and resorted to using both hands to caress her soft backside. Our kiss was sweetened by the cherry we shared and made it even more sensual. 

If there was one thing I loved about Ciara, it was the way she seemed so innocent yet so fierce at times. She was like a delicate flower that required care and I knew just how to take care of her. By the time I would be done with her, she wouldn't want to go anywhere. I could give her whatever she wanted. I could show her what true happiness was. I knew her heart desires and I was ready to make them reality. I would show her that age could trust me. 

My crotch hardened in my briefs and I hoped she could feel my budge on her tighs. I wanted her to know exactly how much I wanted her. And I wanted her to want me just as much. I needed her to long for me. I would do anything to hear her scream my name in pure pleasure. 

Ciara surprised me when her hands trailed down my body and stopped right on my throbbing dick. I released a moan when she began massaging it, rubbing me off through my pants. 

"Oh my God," I mumbled, breathlessly into the kiss as she kept rubbing my dick. "You're driving me crazy."

"You're so… big," Ciara admitted, equally breathless. I ran my tongue over lower lip before sliding it into her mouth and she gladly took it in. I smirked, knowing that indeed, my cock was huge. She wasn't ready for my six inches yet, she didn't know what was coming. 

When I couldn't take it anymore, I lifted her up the floor and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her hands around my neck as I took us upstairs. My hormones were going haywire and I just could wait to have my cock inside her. The things I wanted to do to Ciara… I wanted to take her to heaven and back. With her boobs pressed against my chest, I could see she wanted me as much as I wanted her. Her nipples had gone hard but I wanted more. I wanted to be sure she was really in for this. So as we approached her room, I slipped one hand that had been resting on her ass into her dress. I went for her clit and yes, she was very much wet. 

That made me smile and I seized the opportunity to finger her pussy and she immediately moaned, biting down on my lip a little. 

"You like that?" I asked her as I kept going. I couldn't believe how wet she was, my fingers were soaked up and it was so easy going into her. It only turned me on even more. She nodded to my question and I shook my head. "I'll need you to speak, princess. Do you like it?" I asked again, digging my fingers into her even more and she moaned. I loved hearing that sound. She seemed like she was trying to catch her breath. She buried her face in my neck as I continued fingering her, faster this time. 

"Yes," she managed in a whisper as I kept going. 

"I didn't get that," I lied, wanting her to be much more audible, to scream if possible. I wanted her screaming in pleasure. I would do anything to make her scream in pleasure. 

"Yes!" she exclaimed much loudly and I smirked, feeling really proud and satisfied with myself. 

I dropped her on the bed once we were in her room. "Good girl." I exhaled as she watched remove my suit and unbutton my shirt before getting on the bed reconnecting our lips again. It felt really good this time knowing I had her full consent. I should've known the first time that she wasn't into the whole thing. But when you're a sexually starved fairy who's been around for decades, you tend to skip all protocols. 

"Are you ready to please me?" I whispered into her ear. "Satisfy me and I'll grant your first wish." I stared into her eyes and she looked just as hungry as I was—a hunger for pleasure. 

Ciara nodded shyly and I smirked. "That's my girl," I commended before snapping my fingers and we were both naked. 

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