Rumpled 8


I woke up with the banana next to my face on my pillow. Now looking at it and remembering the things I'd done with, or rather, done to it, made me cringe. I would never have thought that I would be practicing how to give a blowjob. Or that I would ever even need practice in the first place. A part of me found the whole thing embarrassing but I had no choice. And somehow, I was slowly getting invested and dedicated to satisfying Rian. It didn't make sense. Besides the fact that I wanted him to grant my wishes, I just felt the urge to actually please him.

My life had changed in the past forty eight hours and I wasn't just a princess anymore. I mean, what sort of princess rehearsed giving blowjobs with a banana of all things. I couldn't even begin to imagine what my parents would think if they had seen me with the banana. Or worse still, with Rian's cock in my mouth. The looks on their faces would have been priceless. I'd always somehow enjoyed pissing my parents off because I'd
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