Rumpled 9


I don't think Ciara knew the effect her body had on me. I doubt she knew how beautiful she was and how her body was a masterpiece that belonged in a museum so the whole of humanity could see the definition of perfection. I just stood there for a while, admiring the sight. My gaze must have made her feel awkward because it looked like she was suddenly feeling stupid and thought what she'd done was a bad idea so she bent over to pick up her robe but I couldn't let her do that, not while I was already getting hard.

"No, no, no, princess," I said, walking towards her, "what do you think you're doing?" I asked, staring into her eyes. I took the robe from her hand and tossed it across the room. I put my hand around waist and pulled her closer to me and I loved the way her breath had hitched when I'd done that. I smirked, now staring down at her lips as her breath softly fanned against mine. "I'm glad you came, princess," I said, slowly trailing my hands down her smooth skin until the
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