Goldilock’s Submission 6

Chapter 6: Goldilocks

I couldn’t sleep. My heart and my body had developed a mind of their own. It refused to listen to my brain. My body wanted the man to keep touching me. I enjoyed the way his hands rested on my waist. I wanted to move away, but my body refused to bulge. Plus there was no space to move into except I wanted to fall off the bed.

I had brought all these upon myself. I should have never come into the cottage without seeking permission. I shouldn’t have even given him the option to sleep on the same bed with me… now I was doomed to stay awake all night. I wasn’t even scared of what he would do because to an extent, I trusted him. What I was scared of… was myself.

My core was hurting. It needed to be touched. It wanted attention and I couldn’t demand anything from the man holding my waist as if I belonged to him. His hands fit perfectly on my body like it was meant to be there. I felt safe and not scared as I had initially thought. Maybe staying here was the solution to
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