Goldilock’s Submission 7

Chapter 7: Everett

“Sleep with me afterward…” I said staring into her golden orbs. She let out a small gasp and I chuckled at her action. She obviously thought I meant something sensual but my thoughts were far from that except if she wanted to permit me to do it.

“You woke up too early. It will give me joy if you slept in after all the hard work,” I explained to her.

“Okay… I will sleep after I finish cleaning up this mess I made,” she stated in her usual timid voice.

I placed my index finger on her lips and I stopped her from speaking. Her lips felt so soft under my finger, I wished it was a different part of me against her lips and not my finger. “I will clean it. You should eat and rest,” I insisted.

She seemed to be lost in my eyes and the movement of my finger on her lips as she nodded softly. If I stayed in that kitchen any longer, I would claim her body. I dropped my finger from her face and walked out briskly. She was too tempting for me to keep resisting. I walked back to th
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