Goldilock’s Submission 10

Chapter 10: Goldilocks

“You can’t go back to your parents’ house. They will lock you up!”

My heart skipped at his words and I stared up at him. For a second I forgot that I was naked in front of him and all I thought of were the words he had mentioned. He was right. I couldn’t go back to my parents. They would surely lock me up just like he had said. But where had he gotten that information?

I shook my head and picked up the soap and started overlapping the soap over my skin. This way, the foams filled up the bathtub and a little part of my nudity was covered. My parents could already start giving up on me. I was never going back. He wasn’t such a bad person. I could stay with him. He would not mind. I was sure of it. All I had to do was find a way to tell him, I thought to myself as the soap continued working its magic on my skin.

“I am the only option you have, Goldie!” he exclaimed and I heard the desperation in his voice.

I stopped overlapping the soap on my body and looked into
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