Goldilock’s Submission 11

Chapter 11: Everett

I had wanted to taste her lips longer than I could remember even if I just met her the day before. As I hovered above her, my heart did a little flip of excitement. She was finally in our arms. I knew I had said I wouldn’t touch her until she had agreed and technically she hadn’t even accepted my proposal but she didn’t refuse either.

I couldn’t wait anymore… my cock was about ready to tear her open.

Without a second thought, I crashed my lips against hers. It was like a clash of stars. Fireworks exploded in my head as my tongue passed over her lips and I started to suck on them gently… but passionately.

She didn’t move at first and I thought I had hurt her and I wanted to stop… I could always give myself another hand job until she was ready, I told myself. But as I made to move away, I felt her timid hands in my hair. She mirrored my actions. She sucked on my upper lips and I felt the surge of desire fuel my cock. I slipped my right hand to her breast while the le
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oh wow.... this is so sad....

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