Goldilock’s Submission 12

I felt so ashamed of myself. How could I have let Everett take my virginity before marriage? I shouldn’t have listened to my body. I should have controlled myself.

I kept beating myself over it as I lay with my eyes closed in the bathtub. What if Everett wasn’t my destined husband? What if he was just playing when he said he wanted to marry me? What if it was just fun for him? What if I was falling for him?

I let out a sigh as I placed my hand on my chest. The rhythm of his heart against my palm refused to leave my brain. The look on his face as he pounded inside of me… refused to leave. It was like an engraved picture that refused to wash away. His handsome face remained in my mind and even as I thought about it as I lay in the bathtub, butterflies crawled in my belly as the pleasures he had brought to my body returned. I wanted him.

My heart was still racing as bit on my bottom lip. Was I doing the right thing by trusting him?

I had to at least know who he was. How could I be fallin
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