Chapter Six.


Three weeks, three long agonizing miserable fucking weeks have long gone and yet Dylon hasn't recognized him from their past. Why was he born with the memories and he wasn't? Why wouldn't he remember him? Was it because he was already dead when he made the vow?

When did this become us?

Levon could hear his heart crying out painfully for his soulmate.

"You're so close yet so far away."

"Why won't you connect to my singing heart?"

"Why won't you feel me, my Beauty?"

Levon thought he heard the other boy whimper softly and he chanced a glance the other's way but Dylon wasn't looking at him, he had his head resting on his desk facing the other way. Mr. McKorny was over at his desk grading their quiz. Levon couldn't look anywhere but at his lover who faced away from him and probably fell asleep.

"We used to touch nonstop, you and I, we used to kiss around every corner, yet here we are. Sitting mere inches from each other and all I want to do is feel you, hold you."

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