Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies
Billionaire's Ex-Wife & His Hidden Babies
Author: sprachi12

Author Note

Dear Readers,

Since English is not my first language, there will be tons of grammatical mistakes. Please continue reading this book only if you don't have any issues with that. Rest I can guarantee you that you won't get bored with the storyline.

The following are my books; if interested, do give a look over them:

Can't help falling in love (Book 1)-Completed

Purchased by the Mafia (Book 2)-Completed

Her Mysterious Lover (Book 3)-Completed

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Loving you is a Losing game: Upcoming


Her Unloved Mate (Book 1)- Completed

My Bride is not a human (Book 2)-Completed

Her Chosen Mate (Book 3)- Completed

Billionaire’s Ex-Wife (Book 4): Ongoing (on Daily update)


1) Chosen By An Alpha: Completed

2) Purchased A Werewolf: On Hold

3) The Luna's Pretended Love Interest: Completed

4) Alpha's Last Minute Bride: Completed

5) Deceiving the Beta: Completed

*All the characters and the incidences in the story are created by me. In case it matched even a little with someone else, then it's just a mere coincidence.

* Please don't copy my idea!

*If you find this book anywhere under a different pen name, then please let me know!

*I didn't mean to hurt anyone's intention and religion. So, if you find anything offensive, then forgive me in advance.

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ادجار اسكولتوره غارسيى
Inoinojjinnnin knoknkk nnonkokooononk
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ادجار اسكولتوره غارسيى
Mommy I ii I i I i I. Inini IninniI i. I i I
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yasheika jackson
I love this disclosure well done author I’m going to start reading

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