Chapter 7

Sofia’s POV

Luca had asked me to sleep which my over analyzing mind had broken down into multiple meanings even though it only had one actual meaning. I had hoped he wouldn’t find me attractive, so he wouldn’t have to take me against my will because there was no way I’d ever consent to…

Was the word ‘consent’ even available in the vocabularies of the men in the mafia?

There was no way my mind could even be relaxed enough to the point of me falling asleep, that fact was sparkling clear in my head. I puffed out a slow breath, not wanting to make unnecessary sound since I was supposed to be sleeping like an obedient wife like I was asked to.

The lights suddenly got turned off and i sucked in a harsh, audible breath before widening my eyes and slapping my hand over my mouth in the next second. The feeling of the bed dipping made my heart pound even harder and faster against my chest and I inched towards the edge of the bed until I was lying on the very tip, any further and I’d find mysel
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Bibiem Bap
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Melanie May Campbell - Kirton
7 Chapters of incoherent thoughts, ultimately leading to sweet fa
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Nanelle Raagas Hamot Reblingca
u caught my interest in this story

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