Chapter 9

Sofia’s POV

“Matilda, Mrs Ricci has been waiting on you for a while now.” Sarah, the housekeeper admonished the young woman who just walked into the kitchen. The said woman footsteps slowed down as soon as she spotted me sitting by the counter.

“Oh it’s fine, Sarah. I don’t mind.” I quickly added once Sarah was done admonishing the Chef, Matilda. And also because I didn’t mind waiting here in the kitchen for the chef to arrive since for one, I didn’t have any else to do and forcing down a cup of coffee while exchanging a few, polite words with Sarah was way better than me sitting on my own, doing nothing.

“Hello, Mrs Ricci. I’m so sorry I took so long, the laundry wasn’t dried off yet so I thought I could wait there until it dries off finish, because I thought you’d still be in bed, tired from all the stress from the wedding ceremony, and your wedding night–” Matilda choose the moment to mention my wedding night when I was about to force down another mouthful of coffee, which ma
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