Chapter 10

Sofia’s POV

I slowly ran my comb through my long, dark hair. My hair was a midnight black color and it stood out pointedly against my skin. It was also unreasonably long, but I wasn’t complaining. I wasn’t too keen about it either because combing it was so stressful. Other than that, I love my hair so much and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I got the hair for my mother’s mother, a woman whom I had only been opportuned to meet once, while I was five years, before she passed away. She was a really beautiful woman who had lost her whole hair due to cancer, leaving her bald at the time I had met with her. I could vividly remember her feeding Angelo his bottle while telling me different stories of her childhood days. That particular day was extremely special to me because that was the first time I had met with any of my grandparents, and the last time -till date. The rest of my grandparents were all late as well.

I combed the remaining untouched part of my hair as fast as possible bef
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