Chapter 13

Luca’s POV

“That went better than I expected,” James stated as the car slowly pulled out of the Monte’s premises, into the busy streets once again. I stared straight at my flexing fingers on my thighs, completely agreeing with James.

“It did go better than I expected. I half expected him to insist on not wanting to make peace, or even pull a gun out on us after requesting I send the guards out of the office.” I mused audibly with a small shake of my head before letting my head fall back against the soft, leather seat’s headrest.

“He admitted to having already planned to attack you…” James said slowly before slowly trailing off, leaving the unfinished sentence hanging.

“He knows he’d still never have been able to catch me unprepared.” I reminded James who only shrugged and threw his head against the head rest before pulling his tie loose and popping open his first three buttons. The tinted glass demarcation between our side of the car and the driver’s part gave us all the privacy w
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I feel likeLuca is not dominant enough but I’m not sure I have to read some more chapters

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