Chapter 15

Luca’s POV

I didn’t have to look any harder to see the slight tremor that went through her body the second after our eyes locked.


She hesitated and fidgeted in the same spot for a few more seconds before stiffly making her way past my sight and towards her side of the bed, I didn’t want to overwhelm her any further than she already was, which was why I refused to turn around and keep on staring at her the way my mind was trying to coerce me into doing. I faintly felt her pull the blankets upwards and slid beneath it. The bed barely moved as her weight was nothing compared to mine and also because she had most definitely remained in a stiffened spot out of nervousness.

The dim lights were quite distracting seeing as I was used to sleeping in the dark, but I hadn’t bothered switching it off for some unknown reasons. When I had walked into the room last night and saw Sofia’s curled up body with the dim lights illuminating her face, I had figured that she had left it on in order to
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Fatima Zahra
toooo much details it gets boring there is no development in events
goodnovel comment avatar
Next chapter is repeat but from her point of view, but she does fall off the bed and injures her hand. Author why repeat it takes for ever to wait for each chapter.

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