Chapter 18

Sofia’s POV

What could I do? What was I supposed to say to that?

Sarah and the bodyguard exchanged a few more words together but I didn’t pay any more attention to them as I got lost to some thoughts flowing around aimlessly in my head.

“Are you ready to leave, ma’am?” I blinked my eyes open and focused it in the direction in which the guard’s voice had come from.

“I’m sorry but what’s your name again?” I finally asked after staring long at him without saying anything while trying to remember his name again.

“It’s Ryan, ma’am.” He replied without missing a beat and I slightly nodded my head as I pushed his name around in my head, hoping I would remember it from now on and wouldn’t have to ask him for his name again.

“Ryan.” I muttered absentmindedly, rolling the name around in my tongue.

“So are you ready to leave for the hospital now?”

“Where’s the other bodyguard? What’s his name again?” I inquired instead, because I was a bad person who couldn’t for the life of hers, remember the
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goodnovel comment avatar
It’s funny she say she not a dumb child but she talkn and acting lik a dumb child lmao
goodnovel comment avatar
Chapter 18 and STILL I KID ... whoever you are what person in they right mind don’t go get they BROKEN ARM CHECKED lmao get real who argues wit someone cause they need medical attention ...... CHILDREN!!!

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