Chapter 177

Luca’s POV

I shouldn’t have brought that up.

That alone was a hundred percent sure and clear to me at this point. I should’ve just let it be, like they always say it was good to let sleeping dogs lie. I regretted mentioning that particular night the moment I had mentioned it, but there was no way I could have taken those words back, even if I wanted to, like I actually wanted to.

And when she bursted out into tears, with sobs that sounded very familiar, because I’ve heard her sob that way, a couple of times, and it has always managed to leave a bitter feeling behind. The first time I heard her cry was on our wedding night, when I was still contemplating on if I was supposed to fully consummate the wedding or not, and the second time had been the night where I had gotten woken up from a light sleep, due to how loud her sobs were. Listening to her cry that night, right from the middle of her nightmare, had kept such a bad feeling behind, a feeling I didn’t want to ever experienc
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