Chapter 178

Luca’s POV

“I mean, I didn’t tell her about what actually happened,”

She paused for a moment. “But, she shut me up before I could even complete what I was saying, and started accusing me of making things up and spending way too much time in my head to be able to think up something like that.” She continued to speak in a quiet voice, her voice breaking once again and it sounded so much like she was about to burst into tears at a certain point. I blinked once, trying to fully process what it was that I had just heard.

“What the fuck?” I echoed out without even thinking and as expected, I didn’t get a reply. Not even a shrug of her shoulders, or a shake of her head, nothing.

“But I didn’t make a thing up, I was telling the truth, and assuming she had listened to me or even tried to listen to me and understand where it was that I was coming from, then I’d have been able to tell her about what actually happened to me…” She trailed off and fell into silence, the small sound of a sob
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