Chapter 179

Luca’s POV

“He finally stopped coming, and I had never been more relieved in my entire life.” She whispered these parts in a low and thin voice and it felt like something cracked inside of me at that moment.

I reached forward and placed my hands on her shoulders, maneuvering her around until she was facing me. Tears were running down her cheeks and her glassy eyes were staring up at me. There were a lot of emotions running over her face at the same time and I watched as her lower lip quivered a little before she breathed out a choked sob, bursting out into more streams of tears, just as I pulled her deep into my arms, holding her tight against me instantly.

She buried her face in the middle of my chest, sobbing into my shirt and squeezing right around my waist with her small fingers, as sobs wracked her body, making her body shake against my wider build.

“Shh,” I breathe out after some moments, my voice sounding scratchy to my own ears and I synced in a deep breath and started
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