Chapter 182

Luca’s POV

“But what if Matilda or Sarah sees me up here in your arms?” She asked after a moment, and I paused in my trails to completely focus my gaze on her face. She was currently worrying her terth over her lower lip and I grinned up at her before starting to speak.

“They wouldn’t mind, ok?” I said to her and watched her hesitate for a moment before nodding her head at me, her hand moving around on my shoulders to tighten around even more. I made my way down the hallway after turning around and I headed for my office here in the house.

“Where are we going?” She asked after a few moments, staring around the whole place as we moved further through the hallway. I puffed out a deep breath against her throat and I deeply enjoyed the feeling of her thigh tightening around me, as a shudder ran through her body in the next second, in response to the gust of air I had blew at her bare throat.

“We’re going to my office.” I said to her in tne next second as I paused before my office do
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