Chapter 183

Luca POV

“Can you get me the two guys to come over here by noon, I need them to help me find someone.” I said to one of my general assistants on the phone as I made my way upstairs towards my office.

“Yeah, that sounds good. Let me know when you get here.” I said to him before ending the call, just as I made my way into my secretaries’ office and into mine in the next second. I sank into my chair and puffed out a deep breath, before starting to tug out my guns from my pants pockets. I pushed myself to my feet after a while, and then I made my way towards the bathroom.

I washed my hands and mopped my face with a wet towel a little, before making my way back into the office, straight to my window. I paused before it and tugged the curtains open, allowing the morning sunlight to shine into the office. After a few more minutes, I made my way back to my table and picked up my phone, sending a text to James. I tugged on my hair a little, digging my fingers into the roots and taking m
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