Chapter 185

Sofia’s POV

Luca was waiting for me outside the walk-in closet in the bedroom and I was almost done with getting ready. I was feeling all giddy and my insides were currently fluttering and jumping around. It felt like there was a thousand butterflies were flapping their wings all around every parts of my stomach and I was silently screaming in my head. The fact that Luca had asked me out formally and had called me a date still has me reeling and I couldn’t even try to deny the fact thst I was really excited about it.

I clipped on my earrings to my ear and started to run a piece it comb through my hair. Once I was done, I creamed it and watched it gleamed in the night light, and then I walked towards the floor length mirror in here and glanced at myself through the mirror. I was currently in a gown that was short, and the length of the gown was only a few inches past the middle if my thighs.

Most of my dresses here were all a bunch of skimpy stuff, and even though thru weren’
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