Chapter 312

Luca’s POV

A new day has come and the location of the phone call had ended yo being a dead end, like the clove on the phone had said it was going to be, which was why I wasn’t all that disappointed. But I was really angry, angrier than I had been the night before.

The voices of the voice on the phone, had been narrowed down to three, which all looked too young to be in the mafia. I had a hunch that the person who I had spoken to last night might be one of them, which meat only one thing; I hadn’t spoken to the boss last night like I had suspected, but had spoken to a kid that had probably been paid fo do that, or had been blackmailed into doing that. My guess was right because when I had called the number again, the voice had been completely different from how it had sounded last night.

When I had called the unknown voice out on his bullshit and that I had been able to figure out who had been on the call last night and that it wasn’t one of them, the voice had only laughed and a
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Anna Marie
who are the other povs in this chapter?

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