Chapter 316

Sofia’s pov

For the first morning in three days, I woke up without feeling like I was going to burst into frustrated tears. I could still feel Luca’s firm arms around me as he held me against him. Even in his sleep, he was always holding onto me like he’d never let me go. I glanced up at his face and took in the stress lines that were now marking the top of his, it was very obvious that he was very much stressed and needed to get as much rest as possible, but I was sure he was going to be out of bed in an instant if I needed him.

Damn my stupid body for reacting to him the way I had did that day when I had thought he had been about to hit me. What had I even been thinking? I mean, it wasn’t like Luca had ever made me feel like he was ever got to ever lay a finger on me. The only time he has ever laid a finger on me was whenever he was spanking my ass, which also doesn’t frequently, unfortunately.

Well at least he had said we were going to talk about it some other time, I reall
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