The Alpha's Fated Mate
The Alpha's Fated Mate
Author: Elena Titania


  I stood in the guise of my sister, as I felt cold liquid pour down my head. I didn't raise my head, I just kept looking at my feet and then, she slapped me hard across my face. I staggered a bit but stood my ground. I could feel my cheek twitch a little at the slap and numb too, I could also feel my eyes welling up but I needed to pull myself together, people were watching my every move, don't know if that is true but I can feel it. I could also feel what my evil sister poured on my head dripping down my face and I felt soaked and it was the smell of wine from her goblet.

    I've had enough.

    I clenched my fist, gritted my teeth and punched my sister right in the face as she fell to the ground.

    She morphed her hands into claws and lunged toward me, growling and roaring as she jumped up ready to attack me. I changed into my claws as well. I could feel my eyes glowing blue as I stood in a posture to attack her any moment from now. She came to me and marked my arm, causing me a sharp pain, cried out and she pushed me as I flew towards the wall and hit my back so hard that it hurt.

   I got angry and charged forward, I wouldn't let her beat me this time, she tightly held my neck, I struggled to untangle her hands, and I kicked her stomach so hard. She was in a rage and threw me across the dining table, smashing the plates and other stuff that was on the table along with me. I winced and got up from the shattered utensils. Had a couple of bruises on my body, and she began laughing after cursing me for kicking her like that in the stomach.

    I was going to kick her in the butt today.

    I shifted fully into my wolf silver form, she also did the same, shifted into a brown wolf as we both circled each other, glaring at each other's eyes, growling ferociously. The sound rattled the bones of the surrounding werewolves who howled and pawed the ground violently as they all came in to see how our fight was going to be. I was going to beat her to a pulp, but some of them wanted it to happen while others didn't want our fight to end this way.

    I didn't give a damn.

    We almost attacked ourselves, when my elder sister came between us and held out her hands for us to stop fighting.

    I wasn't agreeing to this, I tried to push her away but my sister persisted as she shouted at the top of her voice. 

      "STOP! BOTH OF YOU." We both changed back to our normal form, puffed and looked away from each other still in fury.

   "What is wrong with you two, huh! What's the damn problem?'

   "This bitch,' I pointed at her. "She just came to me and threw away my food down the floor because I refused to reply to her and she even poured wine on me."

     She faced the witch. "Is that true, that you poured wine on, Lourve?"

    "Yes, it is true and she deserves it. Why didn't she answer me, huh! Fuck you, Louvre. I've told you countless times to stay the hell away from my boyfriend, what are you always doing close to Ryan.'

   "What! Me? Close to Ryan, are you sick, are you on your period or something, Ryan is my friend. We've been friends even before you met him, talking to him is not a big deal. I don't know what the fuck you want from me, I'm not trying to steal your boyfriend, he is an Alpha, you are the one he loves, Aries. What the fuck do you want from me?"

    "Stay away from him, that's what I want from you, you slimy two-timer, he's not even your mate. He's all mine and we are both betrothed."

    Just before I could explain furthermore, someone touched my shoulder, turned me and gave me a huge slap across my face, before I could process what was happening. That shocked me as I turned and saw my stepmother glaring at me.

     "You slut, you have the gut to talk to my daughter that way, when you are just an illegitimate child." 

    I could feel my eyes welling up once more, as I shivered at what just happened.

    My name is Lourve Bardawulf, I'm eighteen years old, an Omega to be precise. I'm five point seven feet tall, black eyes, red hair, which is forty-eight inches long, pretty and tied into a ponytail, probably surprised at how long my red hair is. I had this diamond expression, pointed nose, red lips, very slim and a bit curvy, and got pretty white skin. I was an Omega, who was always belittled and bullied, because of my gender. Omegas are known to be weaklings, despicable losers, cursed and vulnerable and always spread their scent around, waiting for a man to take them in their wings. We were born to be Alpha's slaves because they were higher than us and we have no right to stand up to them sometimes, we were also late shifters unless we were lucky to be able to transform earlier than our current status.

    I'm the second child of my father, who is an Alpha and leader of the clan, which was the Blood Stone Pack. I'm the second child as well as an illegitimate child to my father, a mistake to him and he never showed me love and affection of how a father should treat his flesh and blood. He was always doing that to my two stepsisters as if they were the greatest gift ever from the moon goddess and I began living with my stepmother at the age of five.

    You see, my father got married to my stepmother, she was an Alpha and gave birth to Rihanna who was now my elder sister. While my stepmother was on the battlefield as the Luna of the Pack, my father, due to missing his wife so much and also the loneliness he felt within him. He got drunk to ease away his sorrows and raped my mother in the process. She was an Omega, a poor woman who struggled to feed her family three square meals a day. She was a maid at my father's mansion, who worked peacefully and avoided problems. She tried to hide the discovery of what happened that night away from my father and his wife, so as to not get fired, but she discovered she was pregnant. She quit her job and raised me. When she couldn't cope with raising me anymore, she handed me over to my father since he could take care of me. It brought quarrels between the couple and the clan who had heard all about what had transpired and my stepmother had to endure the shame and my father kneeled down before her, apologizing all over again that the reason it happened was that he was drunk.

     I became a nightmare in my stepmother's eyes, the moment I set my eyes on her and was always mistreated.


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Audra Underwood
All these stories are the same,just different names ...
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Vina Aries
I wonder if Louvre had her clothes when she shifted back to human?... In what age did she start to shift?

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