That's right.

It was a formidable battle for me, what do I do now?

I can't leave the mansion, if I leave where else would I go? I don't even have a clue where to go, it's devastating.

I lived with my stepmother for thirteen years, she felt hostility towards me so much and so did her younger daughter, Aries. 

She was what anyone would call beautiful, she had long black hair, dark green eyes, a five-foot-tall, white complexion, had this oval shape on her face, and red lips she was quite sexy to most guys and had a very slim stature.

On the other hand, Rihanna was quite tall, with bright black eyes, long blonde hair, flawless white skin which was as soft as a baby, had a heart-shaped face, pink lips, attractive and was a bit curvy.

She was the only person in my life that never treated me differently. She was always nice to me and treated me like a sister and I loved her so much and constantly relied on her. She treated me like a sister should treat a sister and she loved me as well as I loved her.

The others treated me like dirt, forgetting that I was also the daughter of the leader of the pack, well, an illegitimate one.

My stepmother detested me so much and Ryan was a surprise to me, I can't believe he was betrothed to Aries.

No way!

He was my childhood crush, I've been in love with him for years and hearing this from Aries, left me stunned when I learned he was hanging out with her.

Although he isn't my boyfriend or lover, it hurts me and is too bad, he only sees me as his friend and nothing more.

I felt bad when I found out he was dating someone else and it was my younger stepsister, worse even betrothed to her and the jerk thought I would be happy with the change after I told him what she always do to me, he still went for her.


Why the hell did he have to date her, couldn't he have found someone else, besides my sister. What did he see in her, anyway? What was in her for him not to be able to resist her?

I held my cheek at the spot, my evil witch of a stepmother slapped.

"What kind of a child are you, huh!" She glared at me and I stared right back at her.

"Was that why you hit me? You didn't even care to find out what went on, you just came out of nowhere and whacked me when it was your daughter who started the entire fight,'

"Shut up, what are you doing with her boyfriend? Haven't she warned you to stay away from him huh? Of course, she had instructed you but you keep going back, you this, disrespectful and ungrateful child. What is wrong with you?"

"She's being such a bitch here instead,' Aries added. "What are you anyway, just an illegitimate child, you can't even keep up with me trying to use your powers but you have the time to get close to Ryan. Do you think I wouldn't know that you and Ryan have been talking behind my back? I found out, I could send a group of wolves to scratch your pretty face and have you dealt with, who do you think you are here. You are nothing, understand that if my mom hadn't allowed you in, you would be nothing, you hear me and this insolent b…"

"Enough, Aries. Can you be quiet,' Rihanna interrupted. "What is wrong with you, why do you have to be such a spoilt brat.'

"And why are you always defending her, you think she is good because she is your little sister. The type of sister you've always wanted, because I'm not like her, that's why you dote on her so much, wait, till she hurts you like a bitch, then you will see the other side of her…"

"Stop it, Aries…"

"No, you should be the one stopping it, Rihanna. Your sister is right, and I hate you for what you always do." My stepmother shouted and ordered everyone to leave, referring to the wolves, and the maids around us and they did.

"What is going on here?' My father stepped forward, wearing his brown attire as he looked around. Even though he is in his late forties, he was as dashing as ever and almost looked exactly like Rihanna. But, coming here was a bad idea and usually, he will blame me as my stepmother began explaining to him, everything that transpired.

She wasn't even here when it started, and she's busy defending Aries.

"Why are you still wasting time, with this worthless Omega?" He said furiously. So, that's all he has to say huh, a worthless Omega.

I was compelled to find words to say to him, but I kept quiet. It will only get worse after all, if I spoke up, but I did anyway.

"You called me, worthless. You didn't even care or ask what happened between us and you are calling me worthless.' 

He came forward, towards me.


I held my cheek with my hand, feeling that maltreatment once again.

"Don't ever interrupt me, when I'm talking, I'm the Alpha here. Don't you ever try that again or else, I will lock you in prison for the rest of your life." He was as pissed as I thought he was. "I regret giving birth to you, you can not do anything, you are just so impractical, who do you think you are, huh! To do that to my daughter?"

This had been my fate. 

"That should teach her a good lesson. Children nowadays are just so spoiled to the core. What's wrong with her? Did you see why I told you to not let her stay here, she's just a foolish and ungrateful child, after raising her for years. A good for nothing, I don't know why someone like that would be an Alpha's daughter and she is this pathetic. Are you sure, this shameless thing is your daughter?' My stepmother mocked as she wore a red attire filled with pieces of jewellery all over her. She was just a witch, I don't know what my father saw in her. "Because the attitude inherited is so different from yours, it makes me wonder if she is your biological child.'

"I sometimes think the same thing too, if she is my child, after all, her mother was a maid in the first place, a whore, who tried to seduce me and she succeeded."


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