I wished to puke at the disgusting words he just uttered and how he insulted me in front of these losers he called family. I felt hurt, anger and fury all at the same time. How long do I have to live like this, why can't I just stand and fight for what is right? How dare he insult my mother. 

She succeeded and where were your senses, when it was happening. When you raped her, I boiled as I clenched my fist.

Why am I even keeping quiet and not saying anything, it has always been like this all my life, no one cares about me.

No one.

I was all alone.

I was always the one taking the blame, the insult, the false accusation, they always pointed at me without a second thought.

That has always been my life, I had no value in front of my family because of who I am.

No value.

I wish my mother was here, I wish she hadn't abandoned me, she was dead to me, the moment she left me with these people.

If she hadn't left, probably, I wouldn't be facing this humiliation and they all said, I was the daughter of the maid who seduced the Alpha, an illegitimate child, that's how I've always been labeled to be.

"What…" He broke in.

"Get out,' he roared. "Get out of here, this instant.' I quickly ran away as tears streamed down my face, to my room where I belonged, my stepmother and Aries burst out laughing and Rihanna tried to talk to me, but I wasn't in the mood to talk to anyone and shut the door.

It's okay, don't cry." My wolf tried to console me but I wasn't hearing it and instead cried louder. Before I knew it, I woke up from my bed with dry tears on my face, I had fallen asleep.

When I fell asleep, I had no idea, but I heard noises, music going on and it seemed like they were having a party.

I got up from the bed, dressed up, cleaned up my face, and sprayed some perfume, at least to look presentable.

I came out of the room and walked towards the luxurious hall used for partying and saw a lot of people dancing and cheering within themselves.

I knew it, there was really a party going on.

The Alpha ceremony party, I think, was the one going on and I could feel the stares at me from some guests. It seemed like the rumors had spread about what happened between me and my father. Well, I don't blame them, I blame myself. I walked a little towards the crowd, searching for Rihanna when I bumped into Ryan.

"Hi bestie, what's up. I've been looking for you everywhere, where have you been all this while?" 

He usually calls me bestie, when he is in a good mood.

I frowned and stepped away from him, but he caught my arm before I could brush past him.

"Your red glitter gown looks beautiful.' He started, and I just shook my head. "Are you angry with me?" I forced my arm out of his and sauntered away, far away from him, but he ran after me as I strolled out of the mansion.

"Wait, Louvre. Wait up." And I stopped and glanced at him. '`Wait, why are you so angry at me?'

"Don't you know what happened today,' I scoffed. "Why are you asking me, do you want your girlfriend to see me with you and report me to my father and my stepmother? I don't want some drama right now, the one I had is enough for me. So, stay away from me.'

"Stay away from you? What ensued between your families, what happened to your arm, I don't get it."

"Why will you get it, when you are so dumb.' I snapped and pushed him away from me as I boiled in anger. "You knew how this family had always maltreated me, yet, you went and fell in love with my step sister. Of all the girls in this world, you chose my step sister, Ryan. Dated her behind my back and you expect me to be happy for you, you are such a dumb jerk, that's what you are and I hate you.' I could feel my eyes beaming with tears, why did I ever think he was the one. Aries was right, he wasn't my mate, but why did I love him so much. "I hate you so much, I wish I could die and you have the gut to be asking me what arose between my families, when you know what always occurred between me and them, because of who I am." 

"Louvre, I…I'm sorry for what transpired, I had no idea, Aries took it out on you."

"Why will you have an idea, when you are so in love with her, like a lovesick fool." With that, I walked out on him, not even caring to look back at him and I went towards the garden, my private place to pour out my sorrows and slightly touched where Aries injured me and I guess, one of the maids bandaged it for me.

I cried to my heart's content and looked at the stars twinkling in the sky, admired it for a moment and began to cry again, for all the horrible incidents I went through and I just wanted to disappear from this world and never to be seen again.

From the moment my mother gave birth to me, I was cursed. Yes, I was because I've never had peace in my entire life, they gave me hell as if I was the one that told my mom to be brought to this world.

I never asked for this.

I felt someone gently tapping my shoulder, I knew it was that jerk.

"Go away, Ryan. Don't let me scream for others to know what you are up to and chase you out of here."

He tapped me one more time, I snapped and raised my head. "Are you deaf or so…" I trailed when I saw a beautiful white napkin in front of me, the person was smiling at me as he handed it over to me.

"You need it to clean up your tears, pretty one." I was dumbfounded at how handsome he was and how he smelled so good.

Suddenly, I could feel my pheromones bursting out, my body got so heated, and my emotions were running wild as fast as ever.

My eyes glowed, he looked at me and his eyes widened in dismay and felt stunned.

MATE, I heard my Wolf say to me and I was startled and I think he just realized that, my scent was quite thick and I wondered if I was in heat and before I could tell what was going on, he kissed me.

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