He kissed me.

His soft lips circled mine, went deep and sucked my tongue, I couldn't help it. He was just so good, I wrapped my arms around him and deepened the kiss, the feeling just felt good and I couldn't help it, before I knew it, his hands were on my breast, squeezing and fondling it as I moaned out loud, he groaned and kisses me lavishly, wrapped his hands around me, lay me down on the grass, his pheromones burst out, intoxicating me, making me hornier, in cloud nine and I couldn't help it, he was just so damn good.

He was wearing a white long sleeve, my hands went to his button and began undoing them so fast and wild. I wanted to feel him, taste him, wanted him to be inside me so badly, to feel his broadened chest, it was the best amazing feeling ever. I couldn't help it, he was all I wanted at the moment. I couldn't think of anything else, he was all I was ever thinking about and other thoughts in my head were pushed aside and this handsome young man in front of me was all I could dream about. He looked down at me longingly, a few strands of his golden hair fell out of his face, groaning with lust, he was panting and I could see his eyes glowing and soon began to get wild as well.


He helped me to finish unbuttoning it and yanked off his long-sleeve hurriedly, not taking his eyes off me for a minute.

Fuck. He had the body of a Greek god, he truly was a god and how could a man be this sexy and hot.

I felt my panties getting wet, I was horny and wanted him to take me at that moment, I was ready for him to just get inside me.

I nibble at my bottom lip as I trace the tip of my fingers across his shoulders, around his pecs.

His shoulders are wide beyond muscular, ripped and his waist narrows into the most spectacular six-packs I have ever seen and it was incredible.

He ripped off my gown, with his strong hands, my bra followed and everything else included, but I didn't care.

He went towards my neck licked and sucked it, and held both of my breasts with both hands, sucking and licking it, I moaned and begged him to fuck me.

Then, he deep kissed me, pulled away and he began to unzip his trousers, yanking them off and his big erection spunk out of his trousers and my eyes widened at how big it was.

Oh, my!

Couldn't take my eyes off it and unconsciously touch it, feeling its veins, how thick, long and huge it was, fuck, will this fit in me.

"Do you like it,'' he asked, moaning and running his hand over my body, my flat stomach, and my thighs. I could feel the spark, I saw it as he touched me, the sparkle twinkled between our skin, that electric feeling as I shivered when I heard him say.

"Don't worry that will stop when we bond.' He softly said. "Can…can I take you, it hurts." I could see he was panting and struggling to speak and I nodded and opened my legs for him.

He was such a gentleman, yet wild.

Excited and filled with ecstasy, he took off my pants, and his eyes widened.

"You are so wet,' before he could finish speaking he thrust into me. I screamed in pain and he began moving and moving, that moment I felt a tear, I gasped and he screamed in pleasure and kept slowly moving and ramming into me.

"Fuck, Fuck,' he muttered. "You are so hot and tight, my love. So tight.'

"Easy, please.' I moaned, my hands not leaving his neck, I could feel the pain but the pleasure mixed in and it began to feel really good and wonderful.

"Faster and faster, please.' He went deep inside, couldn't stop groaning and saying all sorts of sweet names and how sexy I was. I felt so good and like a woman in his eyes, a complete woman and he made me feel incredible.

As he went on and on, I was close to orgasm. "I'm about to cum, baby. I'm about to cum.'

"Cum. Go ahead, make yourself feel good.' He said lustfully as I screamed in pleasure and released. He burst out his sperm inside me, releasing it as he kissed me but he wasn't stopping and just going on and on, he pulled me up, carried me, sitting down on the grass. I sat on top of him as he held my butt with both hands and kept thrusting inside me nonstop.

Fuck, he's got stamina.

I sat down on top of his dick properly and fully put my hands on his chest, I bent my legs and properly planted my feet on each of his sides.

I began going up and down his length, he held my ass with both hands rubbing and squeezing, supporting me and going faster and faster, harder and harder as he groaned.

"You are the best, I've never felt this good before, fuck, you are mine."

"I want you," I said and he burst out his cum once again, over and over again, before I knew it, I blacked out.

I stretched my body, woke up, slowly opened my eyes and saw how the sun was so bright, wanting to go back to sleep. My eyes jerked open as I got up from my bed, getting up when I felt a sharp pain in my pussy. I winced in pain and sat down, checked between my legs and saw some blood stains in there.

Memories of last night came flooding back and I remembered what happened between me and that handsome man and he was my Mate.


I sniffed my arm, no scent.

I don't get it, I sniffed his scent yesterday, why don't I have his scent. Why can't I smell him on my body, I wondered which pack he was from.

That was strange.

How did I get to my room? Who brought me here in the first place?

Then, my door burst open and I saw Rihanna coming in with a tray of food smiling at me.

"How was your night, Lourve." She smiled as she walked up to me and sat down beside me, setting down the food in front of me.

"Who brought me to my room last night?" I blurted out.

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Stephanie Hyde
That was hot. I hope he is a good guy

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