'Who carried me to my room,' I inquired and she gave me a confused look for a second.

"Huh! You were in your room all night, Lourve.' She pointed out and I shook my head and persisted. "I came outside, all dressed up in a red gown and then, I met Ryan, then met this stranger…"

"You met Ryan,' she gasped, shifted the tray of food aside and got closer to me, holding both of my hands, "Listen, Lourve. I know about your feelings all along, that you've been in love with Ryan since you were a child, but you couldn't tell him about your feelings and I get that a lot. I understand you, it's not going to be easy to forget about him, but you have to do it, for your well-being. I love you as my sister, but I wouldn't like anyone treating you the way they did on that day, trust me. Forget about Ryan and move on, sis. Besides, he's not your mate and that's a good thing too, but you have to be careful." She stared at me lovingly and smiled, which made me chuckle.

"I thought you hated the word "Fated Mates" so much that the name makes you cringe. Since when do you start believing in fated mates?" Changing the topic, I didn't want to talk about Ryan here.

"The moment I saw my best friend getting so attached to her mate and that made me have this good feeling that if I ever meet my mate, how will it be like for me, will we be so clingy, will the love be so strong that we will never want to be apart? Will I be happy or not? Then she said that not everyone is destined to have fated mates." She rolled her eyes.

"Are you disappointed,' I laughed. 

"Yes and no, but I would like to see my fated mate, that would be so amazing to see but not everyone can have fated mates anyway."

"But, you will still see a man that will love you, sis.' I consoled and she nodded.

"Yeah, a man that will love me so much, be respectful, loyal, trust and never betray me, that's the kind of man that I want to get married to." I could see so much hope, love and happiness in her eyes, it made me smile and I hope her wishes come true.

"I will always be there for you and wish you the best, sis." I stretched out my hands and hugged her tightly and she pulled back and kissed my forehead, smiling and hugged me once again and pulled back. 

"Thank you so much, Lourve. But, I wish to see your fated mate too. It gladdens my heart to see you with your fated mate or the man you love so much to be by your side." She said and my memories recalled what happened last night and I shook my head, well, that would also be good if it was him but who was he? It was obvious he was my Mate, but I need to know him first before telling Rihanna about him or she will freak her out.

"Ewww, sis." I feigned and she laughed. 

"What's that? You are no longer a baby, you need to grow up and start looking for your man or else you want your parents to arrange a matchmaker for you. You know that's not a good idea, it will be a terrible idea for a man that looks like a pig brought from the pack for you."

I burst out laughing, "That will be the day, I will leave this house, trust me and I'm not going to sit by and do nothing."

"Then, where will you go? You know that you don't have anywhere to go and trust me, it will be pretty difficult." 

"Well, anyways I will figure out a way on my own," I suggested and smiled.

"OK,' She sighed. "But get prepared for tonight."

"For what? What's happening tonight." I asked.

"We are preparing for a party tonight and trust me, it's going to be a surprise." 

"Surprise?" I gasped excitedly and held her hand. "Tell me, what's it all about?" 

"Relax,' she emphasized as she smiled. "Listen, promise me you are going to wait tonight, it's a surprise so don't ruin it for me." 

"Seriously,' I pouted. "You can't even tell your sister the surprise that you have for her, that'd not be fair." 

Rihanna laughed. "It's a surprise, girl. Don't worry, you will be pleased with my amazement, trust me." She chuckled.

We talked for a couple of minutes, resulting in an hour and Rihanna wanted to go prepare for the party so I let her go prepare for the party, eating the food she brought for me after thanking her for preparing the food for me. She always does that to cheer me up, whenever I'm down and worried, trying to talk me out of my misery.

However, I kept thinking of that man that I saw in the garden, how we both made love for hours I think and I stupidly passed out. That must have been so embarrassing, well, it's not my fault.

That was my first time, having sex anyway and I lost my virginity to a total stranger. 

What a disaster.

What was I even thinking, how could I let my pheromones take the best of me and let me do such a thing on my first day, man.

I wish my best friend was here, Elina. She would have compared my story to a romantic story in books.

I miss her and I wish she will just come back from her vacation trip with her family.

I was done with everything, lay down for a couple of hours and then, I got up, took my bath, dressed myself up with some of the maids assisting me with my clothes and I thanked them as they left.

I went out of my room and the whole place was booming with sparkles, luxurious and was also like the most beautiful thing on earth, they were balloons, food, and drinks were all over the place and a lot of guests were around and they must be the billionaires, tycoons, investors that father invited for this party and I wonder what Rihanna was celebrating, she wanted it as a surprise but this was too much.

Different types of werewolves scents were all over the place and they had nice smells too.

I kept walking and admiring the event, I caught a familiar scent through my nostrils and sniffed it. 

I know that scent.

I smiled, followed the scent happily when I got to the spot, my jaw dropped and I was horrified, dread ran down my spine and I began shivering, dumbfounded when I saw the stranger of last night, my mate, standing with his lover happily, hugging and kissing each other lovely. And my parents, the guests were clapping for them, as I stood before them dumbfounded.

Now, I get what is happening here.

So, Rihanna's surprise was introducing me to her fiancée, who was MY MATE, the man I slept with last night.

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