I felt my knees go weak at that moment, and trembled at the sight of him, going all lovey-dovey with my step sister, Rihanna. The sister I adored so much with all my heart, that I will do anything for her, even to the extent of giving her my life no matter the circumstances, that's how much I love her, she had invariably been with me through thick and thin, when everyone renounced me, she was always there for me.

When everyone turned their backs on me because I was an illegitimate child, she faced me and took my hand instead, ignoring people's gossip and rumors about me. She showed me that no matter what life throws at me, I should perpetually stand up for myself.

She was eternally there for me when no one else was, she was my everything in this world, including my best friend and that jerk, Ryan.

Tears streamed down my face, staring at the lovely couple cutting the engagement cake, Rihanna putting a ring on my mate's finger and my mate also did the same thing too, to her and I was
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