His gaze not leaving mine, I squeezed my fingers, crossed some of them keeping my posture. Was that the first word, he was supposed to be saying to me, I almost chuckled.

"Yeah, I am and you must be my sister's fiance, am I right?' I inquired, telling almost the same words was kind of hilarious.

"Yeah,' he nodded. "I am her fiance, we are getting married soon." He answered back.

"That's…That's great news, I can see my sister loves you, for her to choose you as her husband,' I forced a smile. With every word he was spilling out of his mouth tearing me to pieces, my eyes were beaming just at those words he said to me. I couldn't even look him in the eye, to hide my face I had to look down at my blanket, it was embarrassing. I don't have to cry in front of him, he was my Mate but he wasn't mine but someone else and worse, it had to be my sister he was getting married to, why wasn't it someone else instead.

Why was life so cruel?

"She does love me,' he agreed. "I can see it from her e
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Stephanie Hyde
Is he for real ? i mean u took her Vcard and acting like its no big deal. i widh there was his POV to see whats really going on in his head
goodnovel comment avatar
This is soooo messy she was in love with one sister boyfriend & now she is the mate of her other sister fiancé!!! She should reject the mate bond , Oh snap what if she is pregnant

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