"You are not any of those things, my dear,' she said softly. "I want to stop you, Lourve, but you are not letting me do that, you are against it, you don't want me to halt you."

"I want to prove myself to the clan,'' I said. My voice began shaking and I could feel my eyes burning so much that a drop of tear fell from my face to the table.

"Oh, Louvre,' Rihanna said, getting up from her seat, she came towards me and gave me a warm hug. "Oh, dear. I wish I could stop all this from happening, but you insist on letting you fight, I can't…"

I shook my head. "Let me do this, sis." I wiped my eyes with the edge of my clothes and smiled at her. "I'm fucking nervous but I will get through this, trust me."

Rihanna kissed my forehead and nodded at my decision.

I felt my heart shattering into pieces at her comfort towards me. How will I tell her that I wasn't crying because I wanted to fight with Aries? It was part of it but not fully the reason but I was mainly mad at myself because my mate
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Ariana Clair
epic start. she should reject him & move on

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